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Policy Surveillance Portal Topics

Policy Surveillance Portal Topics

Abortion Advertising Restrictions

Abortion Bans

Abortion Provider Qualifications

Abortion Reporting Requirements

Abortion Requirements for Minors

Accelerating the Implementation of International Health Regulations in the European Region

Air Quality Laws Pertaining to Oil and Gas Development

Anti-Bullying Laws

Ban the Box Laws

Biosimilar Substitution Laws

COVID-19 Legal Research Resources

COVID-19: State Emergency Declarations & Mitigation Policies

Cell Phone Use while Driving Laws

Certificate of Need Laws

Child Car Safety Seat Laws

City Nuisance Property Ordinances

Communicable Disease Intervention Protocol

Complete Streets

Cottage Foods

Death with Dignity Legislation

Dental Hygiene Practice Laws

Disclosure of Environmental Conditions

Earned Income Tax Credit Laws

Earned Sick Leave Laws

Electronic Cigarette Laws

Emergency Suspension Powers

Federal Supplemental Security Income for Children with Disabilities

Fetal Burial Requirements

Global Abortion Laws relating to Self-Managed Abortion

Good Samaritan Overdose Prevention Laws

HIV Criminalization by State

Health Insurance Coverage Laws for Diabetes Self-Management Education and Training

Health in All Policies and Health Impact Assessments

Induced Seismicity from Oil and Gas Wastewater Injection

Insurance Billing Practices for Sensitive Health Services: Provider Immunity

Insurance Billing for Sensitive Health Services: Limits on 3rd Party Billing

Insurance Coverage of Contraception

Involuntary Outpatient Commitment Laws

Isolation and Quarantine Legislation

Laws Addressing Public Health Authority to Respond to Emergencies

Laws Authorizing Involuntary Commitment for Substance Use

Laws That Support Breastfeeding Among Hospital Maternity Patients

Local Eviction Laws

Local Incentives to Improve Access to Healthy Foods

Local Inclusionary Zoning Laws

Local Just Cause Eviction & Retaliation Laws

Local Medical Marijuana Laws in Washington State

Local Recreational Marijuana Laws in Washington State

Long-Term Involuntary Commitment Laws

Medicaid Coverage for Podiatric Care: A National Survey

Medical Marijuana Caregiver Rules

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Medical Marijuana Laws for Patients

Medical Marijuana Product Safety Laws

Medication Abortion Requirements

Minimum Wage Laws

Mold Remediation & Certification Laws

Morphine Equivalent Daily Dose (MEDD) Policies

Naloxone Overdose Prevention Laws

Natural Gas Use and the Clean Power Plan

Nurse Practitioner Scope of Practice

Office-Based Surgery Laws

Oil & Gas - Water Quality, Permitting, Design, & Construction

Oil & Gas - Water Quality, Production & Operation

Oil & Gas - Water Quality, Reclamation

Oil & Gas - Water Quality, Well Completion

Oil & Gas - Water Quality, Well Drilling

Oil & Gas - Water Quantity

Overdose Data to Action: Harm Reduction

Overdose Data to Action: Overdose Prevention Center Legislation

Patient Affordability and Debt Collection Policies at 340B Program Hospitals

Patient Centered Medical Home Laws

Pharmacist Scope of Practice

Pharmacist Vaccination Laws

Physician Scope of Practice Delegation Laws

Post-Dobbs State Abortion Restrictions and Protections

Pre-Abortion Requirements

Preparation: National Legislation Implementing the IHR(2005)

Prevention: National Legislation Implementing the IHR(2005)

Prior Authorization Policies for Pediatric ADHD Medication Prescriptions

Prior Authorization Policies for Pediatric ADHD Medication Prescriptions - Selected Managed Care Plans

Procedural Protections in Reproductive Health Care Conscience Laws

Promoting Health and Cost Control in States Initiative: State Policy Project

Protecting Access to Abortion Clinics

Public Health Departments and State Patient Confidentiality Laws

Public Health Infrastructure Legislative Tracking

Public Health Preemption

Reallocation of Public Health Authority

Recreational Marijuana Laws

Refusal to Perform Abortions

Registered Nurse Scope of Practice

Regulation of Oil & Gas Wastes Containing TENORM

Residential Eviction Laws in 40 U.S. Cities

Response: National Legislation Implementing the IHR(2005)

Restrictions on Insurance Coverage of Abortion

Restrictions on Public Funding of Abortion

Right to Try Laws

School Discipline Laws

Sentinel Surveillance of Emerging Drug Decriminalization Legislation

Sentinel Surveillance of Emerging Laws Limiting Public Health Emergency Orders

Sentinel Surveillance of Emerging Laws and Policies Project

Short-Term Emergency Commitment Laws

State Abortion Laws

State Bills Relating to Vaccines in Schools and Provider Scopes of Practice

State Debt Collection Litigation Laws

State Fair Housing Protections

State Foodborne Illness Reporting Laws

State Landlord-Tenant Laws

State Laws Regulating Unpaid School Meal Debt

State Laws and Other Regulatory Policies Related to Pain Care

State Laws on Soil Vapor Intrusion

State Legislation Addressing Public Health Emergency Authority

State Limits on Enforcement of Federal Law

State Occupational Safety and Health Standards - Agriculture

State Occupational Safety and Health Standards - Construction

State Occupational Safety and Health Standards - General Industry

State Occupational Safety and Health Standards - Maritime

State Occupational Safety and Health Standards - Mining

State Occupational Safety and Health Standards - Oil and Gas

State Preemption Laws

State Rabies Vaccination Laws for Domestic Dogs, Cats, and Ferrets in the United States

State Radon Laws

State Supplemental Payments for Children with Disabilities

State Workplace Wellness Program Laws - Private Employers

State Workplace Wellness Program Laws - Public Employers

State, Territorial, and Local Eviction Laws Database

State/Territory Eviction Laws

Statutory and Constitutional Right to Abortion

Strengthening Public Health

Surveillance and Alert: National Legislation Implementing the IHR(2005)

Syringe Distribution Laws

Syringe Possession Laws

Syringe Service Program Laws

TRAP Laws - Abortion Facility Licensing Requirements

TRAP Laws - Ambulatory Surgical Center Requirements

TRAP Laws - Hospitalization Requirements

Telehealth and Primary Care Provider Laws

Tobacco Free K-12 School Policies in Florida

Tobacco Pricing Strategies

Vending Machine Sales of OTC Contraception

Youth Sports Traumatic Brain Injury Laws