King County, Washington Healthy Comprehensive Planning Policies For Active Transportation

In 2014, 22 percent of adults in King County, Washington, were obese. Lack of physical activity is a contributor to poor health, and being overweight or obese is a driver of various chronic diseases that shorten and reduce quality of life.

Research shows that the built environment’s transportation-related infrastructure can positively affect health by promoting physical activity with adequate infrastructure to reduce overweight/obesity, designing neighborhoods to be safe, and making healthier non-driving transport options an easier choice. Comprehensive land use plans are the legal planning documents that can support active transportation to address this type of infrastructure.

King County and its cities are required by Washington state’s growth management law (RCW 36.70A.040) to adopt these comprehensive land use plans for the built environment and more detailed functional plans, with updates every six years. Active transportation elements of these comprehensive plans address pedestrian, bicycling, transit and inter-connectivity between active modes.

This map identifies and compares elements of all 39 King County cities' comprehensive land use plans that either support or detract from opportunities for active transportation.

Specifically, the page identifies which cities in King County have policies addressing:

  •  Equitable access to active transportation infrastructure,
  •  Pedestrian and bicycle safety,
  •  Pedestrian and cycling comfort,
  •  Access to multimodal transportation,
  •  Complete streets,
  •  Active transportation goals and how they are incorporated into plans,
  •  Policies and how they are incorporated into plans, and
  •  Infrastructure and design strategies for a healthy built environment. 

This page displays policies in effect as of March 31, 2016, the most recent six-year updates to the Comprehensive Plans. To explore the variation in these policies click the “Start Here” button below.

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